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Keeping It Green & Cool - Garden Project

Grade Four Science Project - Keeping it Cool and Green

We continue to carry out our 3 year old enviromental project with the following aims:

  • Assist the Grade Four Science unit on Plant Growth and Change, and the unit on Waste and Our World
  • Assist the Grade Six unit on Trees
  • Provide shade for the three portables, with the aim of reducing cooling costs and greenhouse gases.
  • Provide shelter for animals.
  • Produce food (strawberries, tomatoes)
  • Showcase hardy plants and trees that grow well in this area's ecosystem.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to grow their own garden plants

We have received assistance from the WWF - Canada Green CommUnity School Grants Program to develop the plan:
Click for the development plan

Feel free to drop by the school and see the first garden that we began three years ago.

The Bishop's Office in Calgary funded the first planting of three Prairie Green Ash trees.

We have received funding from the Jansen Family for gardening tools.

ConocoPhillips funded a gardening shed the students can access on weekends and on holidays, as well as intial preparation of the beds and modification of the existing sprinklers. Their consistent and significant support has provided for three Brandon Maple trees. We continue to get annual funding for supplies and new plants from ConocoPhillips.

Green Haven has supplied our trees and assisted with stakes and supplies.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce-Brown have worked hard at planting trees and have given important advice and guidance, as well as taking care of some of our plants.

Scenic Landscaping was contracted for the excavation and replacement of amended soil, as well as sprkinkler line repair.

Blocks and Rocks Landscaping has donated mulch and the boulders you can now see in the garden.

Hydrodig Lethbridge donated hydrovacing of two holes for the installation of the two picnic tables, which were donated by the School Council.

Mrs. Palin, Mrs. Babits, and numerous other volunteers spend a day digging out the site and exposing lines, the weekend before the playground installation, in the spring of 2014.

Earthlings donated excavation and trucking, in the intial excavation of the site.

Planting tomatoes in our garden

We are now in the midst of planting and continue to maintain the garden each week.

In August 2017, Mr. Flaig (retired teacher) created an informative guide for students and their families to not only provide information about the plants in our garden, but to inspire them to create more garden spaces at home and in our community with newfound knowledge. The resources is available here.

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